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January 18, 2008
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Warlord of the Sky II by mqken Warlord of the Sky II by mqken
/Edit: Looking back on this in 2012 makes me think how much I improved, and how much patience I had in the past to be able to complete something like this with a freaking mouse. Seriously. 2012 me has a lot to learn from 2008 me in terms of patience, but 2008 has a lot to learn from the 2012 me regarding technique.

Jan, 2008: I hope you all enjoy it. I decided to deviate it on my birthday because I wanted it to look the best, and I chose this day because it's my 18th birthday, the transfer into adulthood, at least imo. Took me a month working on this, working on and off, but I finally finished, and I'm quite happy with the results...and so were most of my friends. I like to thank everyone who supported me up til now, my parents, my rl friends, specially Big David and ZIvan, and my fellow deviants...

________________________________________ ______
This mech is called GigaStratus, used with colour reference to the last one... but NOTHING CLOSE to the last one. This is much more detailed and better coloured. Anyways, this unit is the sword mode, having a shield/sword on it's arms, it uses it's shield as a sword, essentially, and cuts downwards with the handle. It also has a electronic disruption shield on the shield. It's a shield of my own concept where it disrupts missiles and make them explode in a distance, while having an electronic shield to weaken the impact of the shrapnels. The swords r kinda like laser swords but the energy is spread across the blade part.

As some ppl who actually pay attention, in the background is shadostratus and Velostratus, which are flying off to fight some unknown foe who is launching a barrage of missiles. The mothership in the background, called Albatross, carries these mechs around. Also that little airplane is called "The Sting Ray", it can transform into a mech without legs and having a tail at the back that ressembles a bee.
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